Michael Fritz Apreko

Business Lead


Michael Fritz Apreko; a firm admirer of Richard Branson, cleverly knows how to transform mere business into money – making machine. His ability to make good business decisions brings on board practical strategy to improve clients product is another forte of his. At subscribers depot, He plays the role of a Sales and Marketing manager. As a budding entrepreneur and philanthropist, he is extremely willing to create a brighter future for the homeless and hopeless. He loves to feed his mind on investment and marketing books whenever he is less busy.


Michael A. Aboagye

Content Officer & Secretary


Michael is a budding Technology/Business Journalist and versatile writer. He writes about tech startups, How to gain Authority on social media platforms, how to transform mere ideas into more ‘benjamins’ and other interesting articles for news platforms in Africa and beyond.

He plays the role of a Content Officer and Secretary at Subscribers Depot. He often feed his mind on the word of God whenever he is less busy.


Ernest Owusu Fokuo

Project & Research Manager


Another millennial with a distinct character, Ernest majored in Banking and Finance with French at Regent University College. However, he strongly opted to follow his passion as a Web Developer. He is a strong follower of Christ Jesus and owns an I.T. company in Accra. At the moment, he has developed over forty websites for diverse companies. At Subscribers Depot, he is in charge of project management and web development.